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  • Glue Coating Machine
  • Glue Coating MachineThis JYT-B glue coating machine adopts an AC variable frequency converter to control the speed even the quantity of glue feeding, which can be controlled manually or tracked automatically. Moreover, it is equipped with an intelligent PID temperature control system, as well as its error is controlled at most 1℃. Coated with an adhesion resistant layer in the glue melting oven, this product can prevent the hot melt glue from being carbonized effectively.
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Lamination Machine
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Lamination Machine This JYT-H hot melt adhesive lamination machine is designed with independent racks of these two unwinding rolls and its automatic PEC deviation correcting performance makes an ideal compositing result. Moreover, our product can load and unload materials with electric motion while unwinding. Compared with JYT-B type, it has the same properties. In addition, this product is suited for making double sticky tape, double foam filling adhesive tape ...
  • Self Adhesive Lamination Machine
  • Self Adhesive Lamination MachineOur JYT-GB self adhesive lamination machine is controlled by PLC, as well as its user interface is set with speed display, glue quantity setting and other functions. Apart from double working positions of rewinding and unwinding, this product employs the automatic constant tension controlled system, which rewinds completely to ensure the flatness of materials. Also, the adoption of pneumatic device not only brings convenience ...
  • Self Adhesive Coating Machine
  • Self Adhesive Coating MachineApart from double working positions of rewinding and unwinding, our JYT-GF self adhesive coating machine adopts pneumatic device, which not only brings convenience for connecting materials but also keeps continuous working of the product with ensuring the plainness of materials at the connection position. Moreover, the technology of automatic net replacing of the filter reduces the halts causing by the filter stoppage.
  • Small Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator
  • Small Hot Melt Adhesive ApplicatorOur JYT-320 small hot melt adhesive applicator is especially used in the industries of label, glue tape, zipper glue coating and so on. It is very applicable for researching and developing new products with low cost but high interest. In addition, our product is designed in single arm structure with cantilever holder, which brings convenience for loading and unloading the materials. As its coating width is up to 320mm ...
  • Computer Control High Speed Slitting Machine
  • Computer Control High Speed Slitting MachineAdopting photoelectric automatic deviation correcting adjustment system for unwinding, our computer control high speed slitting machine can cut the irregular materials in right way, as well as the air sensitive hydraulic edge aligning system is optional. Due to the automatic waste film blowing device with rotary or flat slitting structure, this product brings much convenience for workman.
  • Fully Automatic Self Adhesive Die Cutting Machine
  • Fully Automatic Self Adhesive Die Cutting MachineThis JMQ-320A fully automatic self adhesive die cutting machine is used for high precision die cutting, shifting and slitting materials by flatting the materials. On the two sides of the printed label and the vertical direction there are three photoelectric eyes for tracking and positioning, so die cutting, collecting waste film, slitting or automatic labeling can be accomplished in one process.
  • Large Size Automatic Adhesive Tape Cutter
  • Large Size Automatic Adhesive Tape CutterControlled by PLC, this JY-A400 large size automatic adhesive tape cutter allows setting 10 groups of sizes in one working cycle for cutting. Also, under the safety program in PLC, the machine will halt automatically or not be started in some dangerous situations, at the same time it will make alarm automatically for wrong operation or potential dangers. Besides, the security closed cover also helps to protect the user and the machine.